Docent: Jamie Bradley (UK)
Data: vrijdag 7, zaterdag 8 en zondag 9 september 2018
Tijden: vrijdag 19:00u-21:30u, zaterdag en zondag 10:00u-15:00u
Locatie: Grote Wittenburgerstraat 9B, Amsterdam
Prijs: € 210,- . Voor alumni en studenten van Studio Selma Susanna € 150,- .
Status: er is nog plek
Aanmelden: mail naar en naar t.a.v. Tessel Beek

Access to Shakespeare – Weekend Workshop with Jamie Bradley

Shakespeare’s plays can often appear intimidating and the language very complex and distant from our own, so we will work together on exercises that free the text and open up its rich possibilities, as well as linking it to our bodies and space. The aim is to access Shakespeare in a new way and find his ideas in our own voices.

Primarily we will work on individual speeches as well as a group text which we will share as a chorus. After looking through everyone’s text the workshop will end with a relaxed sharing of the work from the 3 days.

What would be incredibly useful would be to have a piece of text that you know well, ideally learnt. I understand you are all very busy, but the greater the familiarity with the text the further we can go within the workshop time. I am happy to work on any text you already know but have also listed some texts below too if you wanted to look at something new. It doesn’t matter if you work on the same text as someone else – we may even share it in the space. I also don’t care if you work on text for another gender to your own. You can find the texts on the internet.

Suggested Monologues

– Angelo, Measure for Measure – “What’s this? What’s this? Is this her fault or mine?…”
– Hamlet, ‘Oh that this too to sullied flesh would melt…”
– Claudio – Measure for Measure, “Ay but to die…”
– Macbeth – ‘To be thus is nothing, but to be safely thus…”
– Viola, Twelfth Night, ‘I left no ring with her, what means this lady…”
– Romeo, Romeo and Juliet, ‘Tis torture and not mercy…”
– Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, “Shall I speak ill of him that is my husband?…”
– Lady Macbeth, Macbeth ”He had almost supped. Why have you left the chamber?… ( to “And we’ll not fail.” Ignore Macbeth’s lines)
– Sebastian, Twelfth Night. “This is the air, that is the glorious sun…”
– Angelo, Measure for Measure, “When I would pray and think, I think and pray to several subjects..”

Shared Group Text

– Jacques, As You Like It. ‘All the world’s a stage…”

For those of you who didn’t take part in the last workshop, I am an actor, director and artist in the UK and have work in theatre, television and film. I teach and direct regularly at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and LAMDA in London.