Docent: Maitane Zalduegi
Data: vrijdag 6 april, zaterdag 7 april, zondag 8 april
Tijden: vrijdag 18:30u-21:00u, zaterdag en zondag 10:00u-14:00u
Locatie: Grote Wittenburgerstraat 9B, Amsterdam
Prijs: € 80,- . Voor studenten en alumni van Studio Selma Susanna € 50,-
Status: er is nog plek
Aanmelden: mail naar t.a.v. Tessel Beek
Choreographic composition of Musical Theatre 6/7/8 april 2018

Production of a choreographic piece with use of musical theater, on the basis of two languages: dance and theatre.

Research: non dance movement (movement that doesn’t came from the technique of dance). Through different exercises we’ll search natural movements in the student, movements that come from the interpretation, and we’ll create sequencies for those movements in order build a choreography with them.

  • Creation of movement by the dance technique (in this occasion it will be Jazz Dance, the language used by the big musicals). Students will create sequencies with dancing material. The goal is to transmit the infinity of sequencies that arise from the same material.
  • Composition: the whole material will be articulate with choreographic and theatrical strategies to obtain a final composition.

The aim of this workshop is make the student to experiment with strategies of choreographical composition, creating a choreography.

Maitane Zalduegi is a choreographer, stage director and dancer teacher with teaching experience since 1971 and background in dance and musical theater. She has been trained in Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid (f.e. with Anatoli Janowsky  and A. Patterson), London (Dance Center and Pinneaple Dance Center) and United States, mainly in musical genre and jazz dance. She is founder partner of the Bilbao Musical Theater Association Tiki-Taka with Gurutze Beitia and Itziar Lazkano (both well known actresses here). She has a large professional experience as choreographer for tv shows and theater, as well as a stage director and dancer.